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WoW: Patch 10.1.7 is coming – heritage armor for night elves, undead and new events | Discover News

wow: patch 10.1.7 is coming heritage armor for night

The next patch for World of Warcraft is already in the starting blocks. We reveal what the developers plan to do with Patch 10.1.7.

Although patch 10.1.5 Rifts in Time just went live (with some turbulence), Blizzard has already dropped the next update to the World of Warcraft PTR. Patch 10.1.7: Incarnation of Wrath has been announced and the most important content has already been announced. Although this is only a smaller patch again, some players should look forward to the innovations.

The essentials in brief:

  • There is no release date for patch 10.1.7 yet
  • Night Elves and Undead get their legacy armor
  • There are new world events, the dream jumps
  • The Dawn of the Eternal Mega Dungeon is split into 2 dungeons for Heroic difficulty
  • There are new story quests for Tyr
  • Two holidays will be updated: Brewfest and Hallow’s End

When will Patch 10.1.7 be released? There is no release date for the patch yet. However, if Blizzard maintains the current rate of releases, the patch should hit in 6 to 8 weeks – so late August or early September. However, this date has not yet been confirmed.

You can see the cinematic from the current patch here:

WoW Cinematic: Nozdormu sees the rise of the Eternals in a vision


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The new content in Patch 10.1.7 – Incarnation of Wrath

Heritage armor for Forsaken and Night Elves

Finally, two more races get their traditional armor. This time it’s the Forsaken’s turn on the Horde side, while the night elves get their heritage armor on the Alliance side.

As usual, obtaining the armor comes with an exclusive questline only available to that race. Even if details about the quest series are still missing, it should probably be about the future of both peoples. After all, the undead just installed a new council, while the night elves planted a new world tree.


There is already a first look at the armor of the Forsaken:

The new Forsaken heritage armor.

Dawn of the Eternal on Heroic

The mega-dungeon “Dawn of the Eternal” is only available on mythic difficulty so far and it’s quite crisp. So that those who are not happy with the high level of difficulty can at least get a taste of the dungeon, it is divided into two areas. These then act as individual, heroic dungeons.

However, the dungeon is not yet implemented in the “Mythic+” system. That should be the case with patch 10.2 at the earliest.

New Events: Dream Leaps

So far, Blizzard has published very little information here. What is clear, however, is that each week one of the four original areas of Dragonflight has a special connection to the Emerald Dream and “waking dream portals” are created there that bring new challenges.


There are also new rare mobs and special event bosses that can also drop high-level equipment.

The roadmap says the patch is scheduled to go live in “fall” and that wouldn’t actually be strictly until October – but that seems a bit late.

New customizations for night elves and undead

In addition to the heritage armor, the visual variety of the Forsaken and Night Elves will be increased. There are new tattoos for the face and body for the night elves, while undead can look forward to new skin colors.


Are you excited for Patch 10.1.7? Or do you just have enough to do in WoW?