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Tom Henry

wow players are "too dumb" for the new specialization, so

In World of Warcraft, the new callers are kicked out of their groups. The reason: the other players don’t understand what they’re actually doing.

With patch 10.1.5 Rifts in Time, World of Warcraft tried something completely new. The Rufer class is the first in the history of the . that has been given a completely new specialization during an ongoing expansion: Reinforcement.

Reinforcement Callers, as the name suggests, make their teammates perform better. Better damage, more healing and more stable tanks.

But not all other players seem to understand that: They kick the reinforcement callers from the dungeon groups.

what happened On the WoW subreddit, “NORATHEDESTROYER” posted a compilation of some screenshots showing what Reinforcement Callers are currently experiencing. The image shows numerous conversations with groups where reinforcement callers are kicked out of the group or tackled because their DPS is lower than that of the tank or healer.

Many seem to think that Reinforcement Callers don’t dominate their class when they deal so little damage.

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Why are the callers kicked? The reason that the reinforcement callers are made from the dungeon groups is for a fairly obvious reason: in the various damage meters, addons such as Recount or Details cannot capture the caller’s actual damage, or more precisely: they can only measure the damage capture the caller but does not inflict the effect of his massive buffs on other players. These are assigned directly to the other characters. Only external sites, such as warcraftlogs, have so far been able to break down the damage in detail.

This is not due to the addons, but because the addon developers have not yet been able to calculate the exact effect of the reinforcement and correctly assEsports Extrasit to the caller. WoW just doesn’t give that yet.

For the ignorant, it then looks as if the caller is doing his job extremely badly and simply does no damage.

Compounding the “problem” is that the other characters in the party benefit massively from the Reinforcement Caller, giving them significantly more power counted towards their damage. This makes the supposed difference between the Rufer and the other DPS characters even more massive.

Reinforcement Callers are extremely strong: The reality, however, is that Reinforcement Callers are currently one of the best classes for 5-person content such as dungeons. Not only do they massively increase the damage of the other two DPS characters, they also bring a lot of survivability with them, which is why many professionals now consider such a caller a must in order to master particularly difficult dungeons as efficiently as possible.

So if you ever think: “Hmm, the reinforcement caller doesn’t do anything”, then take a look at the damage of the rest of the group. If your own performance is suddenly unexpectedly high, then you probably didn’t become skill gods overnight – but have a competent caller with you that you shouldn’t kick.

Have you already had such experiences as a reinforcement caller?

Some say goodbye not only to callers, but also to their water elementals.

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