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WoW reveals how the story continues – and revives Azeroth’s greatest villain

wow reveals how the story continues and revives azeroth's

The next steps in the World of Warcraft Dragonflight story are set. An ancient story is finally solved.

Although Patch 10.1 Embers of Neltharion isn’t even live yet, the developers are already talking a bit about the next story highlights that will follow in the updates. In the first edition of the “WoWcast” the developers spoke about the future of the story of Dragonflight – and which topics are still being dealt with.


Spoiler alert: Since this is about the future of Dragonflight and the further story, there are logically spoilers. You have been warned.

What happens after Patch 10.1? Maria Hamilton, the “Lead Game Designer Worlds” spoke about the future of the story. Accordingly, following the experiences in the Zaralek Caves, it will be about the Bronze Dragonflight. After all, its leader, Nozdormu, still awaits the fate of one day becoming the sinister “Murozond” who will give birth to the “Eternal Dragonflight”. That story will “come to a resolution,” according to Hamilton — and that’s where the evil variant of Chromie, dubbed “Morchie,” will play a bigger role.

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Galakrond returns: It was also mentioned “by the way” that Galakrond will return. This is one of the original dragons of Azeroth that was once a huge threat, devouring nearly all life on earth. Only with the help of the titans were the future aspects able to kill Galakrond. His skeleton can still be seen in Northrend today.

It remains to be seen whether Galakrond will actually be revived in the current time or whether it is “just” a journey through time in which exactly that must be prevented.

World of Warcraft Dragon Lore Galakrond
Galakrond returns – somehow.

How does that fit together? Fans have already begun to connect these details, and the resurrection of Galakrond in particular aligns well with what’s taking place in Patch 10.1. For in the Zaralek Caverns, the primordial incarnation of fire, Fyrakk, absorbs the Shadow Flame. Neltharion had developed these thousands of years ago.

Longtime fans know that the Shadowflame has been used in Blackwing Lair and Blackwing Descent (Vanilla and Cataclysm), where it was able to revive dead dragons.


So it’s possible that the shadow flame is responsible for the reanimation of Galakrond.

When will we find out more about this? Probably in a few days. Because when patch 10.1 goes live on May 3rd, the PTR for patch 10.1.5 should start shortly afterwards – and thus also make it unmistakably clear where the further journey in Dragonflight is going, what will happen to the bronze dragon swarm and if the “evil Morchie” is just as cute as Chromie.

Are you looking forward to the continuation of the Dragonflight storyline? Or are you fed up with the dragon theme again?


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