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WoW: Warlocks escalate in Dragonflight, can summon pit lords

In Dragonflight, sorcerers from World of Warcraft can unpack really big demons. Even giant pit lords are included.

With the new talent system, a lot is changing in World of Warcraft in Dragonflight. Even if Blizzard tries to accommodate the “perennials” in the talents, most classes still get some new talents. One of these is now with the Demonology Warlock, who can use it to summon some of the most powerful demons in the WoW universe: Pit Lords.

What do warlocks learn in Dragonflight? Demonology Warlocks can learn the Gul’dan’s Ambition talent in Dragonflight. This is an expansion of the “Nether Portals” where Warlocks will always summon additional Demons for 15 seconds whenever they spend Soul Shards.

“Gul’dan’s Ambition” ensures that at the end of the nether portal an additional demon summons, namely a pit lord (“Pitlord”). The strength of this pit lord depends on the soul shards spent during Nether Portal’s duration.

As is common with other demons, the pit lord’s duration can be increased by 15 seconds when the warlock summons his tyrant.

WoW Pitlord Spear Red trans
Pit Lords are among the most powerful demons in the WoW cosmos.

What are these demons? Pit Lords may have been familiar to most players since Warcraft III, when it was revealed that the Orcs were corrupted by the Pit Lord Mannoroth. Mannoroth was then killed by Grommash Hellscream and the orcs were freed from their bloodlust.

Since then, pit lords have appeared again and again, mostly as raid bosses or particularly powerful adversaries. Most often they are generals or other commanders of the legion and are among the most powerful the demons can boast. Therefore, Magtheridon was captured in Outland with great difficulty.

What’s the problem? At first glance, such an ability seems damn cool – but on second glance it could cause some visual problems. Because such a pit lord is quite large even in the warlock variant. If he rushes towards a boss, he should take up a large part of the field of vision, which should cost melee fighters a lot of nerves. Especially when you consider that multiple warlocks in the raid could all have a pit lord active at the same time.

Typically, other players’ pets in group and raid content are “shrunk” a bit for fellow players, but a pit lord is still an imposing sight.

But for the power fantasy of a mad sorcerer who can summon even the mightiest demons, that’s probably a blessing.

Now, if warlocks get those glyphs, it would be near perfect…


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