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WoW: Yes, in Dragonflight our favorite hero has sex with a dragon woman

Things are heating up in Dragonflight and sexual innuendo is returning to the World of Warcraft. This is not for the faint hearted.

There are a number of recurring heroes in the World of Warcraft. One of them should only be known to those who either deal with inscriptions or are interested in the small, seemingly uninteresting items in the game.

We are talking about the hero “Marcus”, who appears again and again in the in-game books “Slippery Romance Novel”. The good man is open again in Dragonflight and experiences new, name is Adventure.

Who is Marcus? Marcus is the protagonist of the “slippery romance novels”. These are in-game books in World of Warcraft, which originally could be stolen primarily by villains through pickpocketing.

In Legion, you could even meet the author of the books, Noah Schriebsen (Noah Scribeson), since he was part of the Inscriptionist profession quests.

The books are full of obvious ambiguities and even throw in the most absurd pairings. Marcus likes to have a fling with a naga, catch an undead lover or spice up the love life of two high mountain tauren.

In Dragonflight, von Schriebsen’s fame has apparently grown, because he has his own little corner in the capital of dragons, where a lot of “literally interested” people stand around and listen to a lecture from his latest book.

Some are even so overwhelmed by “all the passion in the work” that they just faint, like these two:

WoW Literary Enthusiasts
It knocked an orc and a night elf unconscious out of sheer passion.

The new “romance novel” story in Dragonflight

Because we know that you are of course also interested in the latest literary outpourings from Schriebsen (and continue reading anyway, at the latest), we have translated the story of the “Lusty Draconian Mage” for you – because there is no official translation, at least not yet. Have fun:

The lustful draconic mage

Surrounded on all sides by ravenous cultists, our brave hero Marcus finds himself in the midst of a situation that even his superior skills and bulging muscles cannot handle.

As the Horde mounted the final strike, sensing that even his legendary stamina was running low, he prepared to take as many of them with him as he could.

“Come on,” he sneered, manfully unaware of his certain doom. “Don’t make me wait.”

Just as their attack was about to strike, the world erupted in searing heat and blinding light. As the flames died down and the firestorm passed, Marcus found himself standing alone, blinking, in a field of ash.

The crackling of fresh coals and the deep, feminine chuckle revealed the presence of his savior. Turning around, he found himself close to a vision as beautiful as his previous situation was terrible.

Clad in a recklessly tailored robe that hugged her plump body and showed much of her flawless, unusually red-hued skin, the figure weaved its way across the scorched ground, fingers slowly sliding up and down the shaft of the was undoubtedly a mage’s staff.

“Thank you, my lady,” Marcus said as he bowed and his eyes traveled over her shapely legs, over her wide hips and toned midsection and lingered for a while on the voluminous chest as he slowly straightened himself and face reached that was as lovely as it was unconcerned about the destruction she had just unleashed.

A pair of curved horns crowned her form, only adding to the exciting mix of magnificence and danger.

“It seemed a waste to me to lose such a wonderful, heroic specimen as you to this rabble,” she replied, her eyes darting as shamelessly as his. “You showed such impressive skill and…stamina throughout the fight that I couldn’t help but intervene,” she said, her skin turning an even richer shade of red as she continued her inspection.

“If there’s anything I or Dragonstrike here…” he declared, casually flexing his years-hardened muscles as he stowed his long blade in a single thrust, “…can do for you, we owe you.” .”

“Everything?” she replied hoarsely, her ample chest pressing against the tight confinement of her robes as her yellow eyes twinkled mischievously at the sword’s name.

“Everything,” he confirmed. “I never leave a debt… unsatisfied,” he continued, raising his rough hand to gently caress the generous curves of her imposing stem while feeling the hardness of her horns rub against his skin.

Shivering slightly from his touch, she licked her full lips and then curled them seductively for a long moment before breathing a burst of crimson fire over our hero.

Shocked, Marcus felt not the searing pain he’d expected, but a gentle, invigorating warmth as the flames licked his chiseled body, burning only his leather clothing, merely caressing the tanned skin beneath.

“Much better,” she purred, slowly looking him up and down. “The touch of a red dragon lady can bring life just as easily as it can end it. I take it my flame didn’t hurt you?”

“On the contrary,” Marcus replied, while her hot breath danced irritably over his skin. “I definitely feel full of life.”

Taking a step forward, she pressed her swaying body against the knight, contentedly grasping his newly revealed sword by the hilt. “Then let’s see that your weapon lives up to its name, hero.”

Why is this unexpected? In recent months, Blizzard has caused a great deal of fan dissatisfaction, removing many a lewd joke or double entender from the game that was simply considered inappropriate these days. The whole thing happened above all in the shadow of the big sexism scandal that Blizzard had.

The community was concerned that WoW would no longer have this kind of humor in the future, because for many fans it was always part of the game. The fact that Noah Schriebsen is also represented in Dragonflight with his salacious books at least makes it clear that these jokes still have room in Azeroth.

And it would also be a pity if we didn’t all find out what “heroic deeds” Marcus still has to master in the coming years…


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