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WoW: You farm the most exhausting reputation faction in Dragonflight twice as fast

A reputation faction in WoW: Dragonflight is quite unpopular – because players always miss it. Now the developers are making significant improvements.

There are a handful of reputation factions in Dragonflight that are worth farming for. But one of them is particularly difficult for some players. In theory, the Tuskarr can be raised to “Maximum Fame” quickly, but in practice it’s quite dragging – at least if you don’t constantly monitor when the cooking event in Iskaara takes place.


So that players can now catch up faster here – and complete the weekly mission more reliably – Blizzard is helping everyone and changing the event.

What was the problem? Probably the most annoying problem with the cooking event was the time lag with which the event takes place. Because the event only took place every 3 ½ hours for 15 minutes each. Anyone who takes part can earn between 400 and 900 reputation within these 15 minutes – depending on the rush and a bit of luck with the distribution of the tasks.

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However, you always had to check in advance when the cooking event was taking place. Although there is a timer on the world map 15 minutes before the event, if you really wanted to be efficient, you had to display the timer externally, for example via addons or sites like wowhead. Often you simply missed the event because you were in a dungeon at the time it started.

WoW Fish Farm Tuskarr
The Tuskarr cook, now a lot more than before.

What has been changed? In the future, these problems will be smaller, the cooking event will now take place every 90 minutes. This not only means that you can now earn significantly more reputation with the Tuskarr per day, but also that you will permanently see a timer on the world map:

  • 15 minutes before the start of the event, you will already see the symbol on the map that the cooking is about to start.
  • You can also see this on the timer during the 15 minutes of cooking.
  • In the hour after cooking, you see that the event is over and the soup is ready to eat—before the cycle begins again.
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This means that you can always see on the world map when the event is taking place and you can plan the time better. At the same time, missing out on a cooking event isn’t so bad as there are now many more ways to participate.

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What else has changed? In addition to being more frequent, the chef should now be issuing multiple orders at once. This was a problem when there were a particularly large number of players participating in the event. Then it could happen that you didn’t get any orders for minutes and didn’t collect any progress yourself while the rest rushed from mission to mission.

What do you think of this change? Useful and helpful? Or do you earn the reputation far too quickly and without effort?