Wunder will no longer be a Fnatic player in the LEC

With the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) about to end, the teams that don’t risk anything are already planning all the changes they want to make to the team. Without going further, Astralis confirmed hours ago that Oliver Ryppa «Dajor» would not continue in the team’s starting squad. But it is not the only organization that is already thinking about its future. And it is that, according to rumors, Fnatic would already have some changes in mind for the next Spring Split 2023.

As Brieuc Seeger revealed hours ago «LEC_Wooloo“, the toplane of Fnatic would be subject to changes for the next spring campaign. This means that Martin Hansen «wunder» would not continue as a starting player for Fnatic. The campaEsports Extrasof toplaner It has not been especially good and on a few occasions he left the comfort choices for him.

Wunder would not continue playing in Fnatic

Wunder has been one of the worst players during this Winter Split 2023 and so we see it in gol.gg. So much so that he added a KDA of 1.6, the second worst in the competition. Only Andrei Pascu «Odoamne» had a worse one, with a 1.3. He also ranks among the worst players in the LEC in terms of kill rate and personal deaths. Numbers that shouldn’t be in the toplaner of one of the most important teams in Europe.

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In view of all that has happened, Fnatic would have decided to stop counting on the Danish. In his place, it would be Óscar Muñoz Jiménez «oscarinin» who will take over. Nevertheless, this decision would not be made 100%so we will have to wait for the organization itself to confirm what will happen in the team.

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What is clear to us is that Fnatic does not want to repeat what happened during this Winter Split. Staying out of the group stage, finishing in ninth place, is something that has never happened in Fnatic and something that, as the organization itself revealed, cannot be allowed.

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