Xbox and Bethesda confirm their presence at Gamescom 2023

Tom Henry

xbox and bethesda confirm their presence at gamescom 2023

At the moment it is not known what content we will see at the fair from Xbox and Bethesda.

Xbox and Bethesda confirm their presence at Gamescom 2023
Gamescom will once again have Xbox as one of its exhibitors

During this past month of June (and to a lesser extent at the end of May) we have been able to see how many video game companies have been giving all kinds of announcements as a result of the non-E3 that has taken place, while the big three have had their eventsthat is, Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation, while all these companies, to a greater or lesser extent, have left reinforced with your ads and future titles.

Now, this does not mean that video game events are going to end this summer, since the Gamescom 2023 will return in stylethus giving rise to the fact that there are already several companies that have confirmed their presence as well as their absence, while we know that Nintendo will be at the event while PlayStation will not attend Gamescom 2023, which means that only Microsoft remains to confirm its situation. And it seems that we already have an official answer.

Microsoft and Bethesda will be at Gamescom 2023 next August

With just over a month to go before the event, which will kick off once with an event hosted by Geoff Keighley, it has been confirmed via Gamescom’s official Twitter profile that Xbox and Bethesda will be present with its own stand at this year’s event in Cologne, although so far not many details have been given about what the American company could bring to the event. Of course, it is expected that content will be specified soon that we can see at your stand.

It should be noted that this confirmation from Xbox at Gamescom adds to the presence that the Americans will have at the Tokyo Game Showthe iconic Japanese fair that will take place in September and from which Microsoft will be one of the great exhibitors, so it is clear the importance that the console will give to the Japanese market. Having said all this, it only remains to wait and see how it goes the games that are presented at the fairas well as those that can be played.

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