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Xbox Announces New Accessibility Features for World Accessibility Awareness Day

The World Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD, for its acronym in English) is a good time to give them visibility and therefore Xbox has new accessibility features for your users.

It is important the access and the digital inclusion to the over 400 million gamers with disabilities who play games and create content around the world.

Because cultivate an inclusive video game industry It is not limited to race and gender. It also includes accessibility and work focused on removing barriers for these users.


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That is why yesterday on the occasion of the World Accessibility Awareness DayXbox announced new updates and accessibility features for gamers.

All this is part of the Xbox’s mission to support gamers with disabilities and highlight the importance of digital access and inclusion. Among the announcements, those that we are going to leave you indicated stand out.

Because only when we all come together […] we will succeed in making Xbox a place where everyone can have fun and experience the joy of gaming.

  • Foster inclusive communities, connect and support – Games have the power to bring people together and share experiences. Xbox wants to make it easy to find and connect with a community, collaborate with game creators to influence upcoming games, and support accessibility features.
  • Enable accessible desEsports Extrasand development – Including accessibility and collaboration with the community of people with disabilities from the beginning of a project results in experiences that more people can enjoy.
  • Continuous investment in accessibility – Accessibility features help gamers with disabilities to play, create and connect their way. They are committed to continuously innovating and collaborating with the community to deliver accessibility and innovation features constantly.
  • Firmware updates for the Xbox Adaptive Controller – The ability to increase the size and add tooltips over the button images on the controller remap screen.
  • Be able to search and filter Game Accessibility Feature Labels in the Xbox Store on over 400 games. There are 20 tags in total, based on extensive user research and discussions with our community of disabled gamers.
  • The recent launch of the Twitch Xbox ASL channel with the xbox play team making direct in the xbox twitch channel. In April, they launched a Twitch channel in ASL (American SEsports ExtrasLanguage) including interpretation for approximately 25 hours of streaming per week.
  • The recent release of “BuildAbility” in Minecraft: Education Edition. In May, M:EE launched an Accessibility World in collaboration with PEEL School, where students can understand, identify, and work to remove accessibility barriers in their school and community… all within the Minecraft universe.
  • Update to Xbox Accessibility Guidelines (XAG) 3.0 with information on mental health. Based on community and developer feedback, this May release includes a new guideline on mental health and motion sickness information and expanded details on text size.
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Because nothing should come between gamers and their favorite games, which is why Xbox is dedicated to finding accessibility solutions that help remove barriers to play and make it easier to connect with others.

In games like Forza Horizon 5, a new language in video games: sEsports Extraslanguage.

Xbox is proud to celebrate World Accessibility Awareness Day and will continue to support the power of video games that are accessible and welcoming to all people.

Today they share some examples of how they are supporting the community and how you can too.

Throughout May, win Microsoft Rewards points unlocking any achievement in Forza Horizon 5. Use the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox to claim rewards with the option to donate them to SpecialEffect.

This is an organization that supports people with physical disabilities through the innovative use of technology and Players Outreachwhich empowers hospitalized children through video games.

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