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Xbox boss comments on Redfall fiasco: ‘I’m disappointed in myself’

xbox boss comments on redfall fiasco: 'i'm disappointed in myself'

Phil Spencer has commented on the release of Redfall.

Phil Spencer has commented on the release of Redfall.

In addition to Starfield, Redfall should be the big AAA exclusive game success for Xbox Series X/S in the current year. We have known for a few days that nothing has come of it. Rather, the (co-op) shooter from Dishonored developer Arkane Austin is mediocre at best in all areas and was released on May 2nd with some serious technical defects – above all a heavily bugged AI.

In an interview with the Kinda Funny podcast, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now commented on the unfortunate launch of Redfall and has also sought to blame himself. Summarizing his most important statements:

  • “We will continue to work on Redfall.”
  • “There’s nothing harder than disappointing the Xbox community.”
  • “I am disappointed in myself (…) bear full responsibility.”

Spencer takes full responsibility

In the past few days, it has often been discussed who is to blame for the failed launch of Redfall. As a background, it should be noted that Redfall had already been developed under publisher Bethesda for several years before Microsoft bought the company in 2021.

Spencer makes it clear in the podcast that he takes full responsibility for a game that will be sold as a full-price title “should have been greatSpencer also says he’s disappointed and upset with himself and that there’s nothing he can do more than disappoint the Xbox community.

Creative freedom should continue to be preserved under Xbox

As a result of the Redfall fiasco, Spencer takes with him that in the future even more value must be placed on quality control. Conversely, this should not mean that teams like Arkane Austin lose their creative freedom.


Spencer himself is a big fan of the Dishonored developer, but also says that in the case of Redfall, they did not meet their internal release goals.

You can watch our Redfall test video for more backgrounds here:


Redfall - Test video for the new open world shooter for Xbox Series and PC

start video


Redfall – Test video for the new open world shooter for Xbox Series and PC


Work on Redfall continues

In the podcast, Spencer also addresses the fact that the limited launch of Redfall on Xbox Series X/S with only 30 fps was a hard blow, especially since 60 fps had already been communicated in advance.

However, the team is currently well on the way to delivering the frame rate upgrade as planned. In addition, Spencer says that Redfall should be further improved in the future and cites Sea of ​​Thieves as an example, which Microsoft had also greatly improved after a mixed start.

What do you think of Phil Spencer’s statements and do you think Microsoft will improve Redfall significantly?