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Xbox Cloud Gaming prepares to support the use of mouse and keyboard

microsoft continues to make giant strides in the cloud gaming experience with Xbox CloudGamingand it is that the last update of the application of Xbox for PC has included a couple of references around to future mouse and keyboard support to enhance the gaming experience. Adding this support will also greatly help expand the number of games available on the platform.

The update that sheds light on this future and long-awaited support is only accessible to users associated with the program Windows Gaming Insiderwhich gives access to the application Xbox Insider For both Windows 10 and Windows 11 users.

This update has also improved the interface of the application thinking about the future that awaits you, including the iconography of mouse and keyboard supportas well as a new filter in the search bar, which will allow you to select only the available games that are compatible with the mouse and keyboard.

GamePad, Touch and Mouse and Keyboard: Xbox Cloud Gaming prepares to cover all tastes

Xbox Cloud Gaming with mouse and keyboard support

Given the news, it is inevitable not to be able to mention the rivalry between console and PC users due to the controllers they use to play. And it is that although the game pad It is even used by PC users, where there are games that significantly improve the playability with respect to the mouse and keyboard, such as a soccer game, cars, fights, platforms or a GTA to give a proper name, the mouse and keyboard is without undoubtedly the ideal combination for those who play titles of the genre shooter or strategy.

In this way, add this support will open the doors to the arrival of new titles that until now were quite complicated to play with a controller or touch controls, such as strategy games, city management, or “Point and Click” style graphic adventures such as Broken Sword or Monkey Island, where the use of the mouse is appreciated .

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