Xbox cloud gaming will look like Windows 10. Microsoft is working on mouse and keyboard support

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The simple idea of ​​playing a video game from the cloud was unthinkable years ago. The need to have a good Internet connection was the first slab to cover with guarantees in order to later offer a stable transfer rate when showing the game we would be playing. And already from its beginnings in 2020, Project xCloud surprised us, being completely settled today under the name of Xbox CloudGaming on PC, Xbox, mobile and web.

One of the additions that Microsoft has been reinforcing since then has to do with additional touch control to meet the needs of mobile devices, whether they are tablets or phones, so that the command was not the only option. And now those from Redmond confirm that they will end up giving mouse and keyboard support.

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Specifically, this data comes from one of those directly responsible for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Jorg Neumann, after an extensive Q&A session on the flight simulator, where he makes it clear that “mouse and keyboard is the next step” of the service. And this will undoubtedly end up going well for Microsoft Flight Simulator, being better played with this combo instead of a simple and limited controller. In his words, those responsible for Xbox Cloud Gaming are working on it, although he cannot give any date as he does not know it yet. “It’s a team thing, but it will come.”

You have to remember that Microsoft Flight Simulator does support mouse and keyboard if we do not play from the cloud and we do it directly from PC or Xbox, so this step will end up making the task much easier if we prefer to play from anywhere with a good connection. The more options there are, the better. That without a doubt.

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