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Xbox Exclusive advertises 60 FPS on box and now needs stickers that say ‘That’s not true’

xbox exclusive advertises 60 fps on box and now needs

This sticker apparently adorns some of Redfall's English packaging.

This sticker apparently adorns some of Redfall’s English packaging.

Redfall, the next title from Arkane, will be released next week – exclusively for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Most recently, however, the vampire shooter was not necessarily positive in the headlines. As it became known almost two weeks ago, there will be no separate 60 FPS mode when the game is launched. Instead, the title on the Xbox Series X/S will initially “only” run in quality mode at 4K/30 FPS.

And that decision was apparently made at fairly short notice. In any case, it was so short-term that there was apparently still a field with “60 FPS” on the game’s packaging.


That’s behind it: Jez Corden, a writer at Windows Central, posted an image on Twitter showing the back of Redfall’s packaging. The imprint “60 Frames Per Second” is clearly visible in the lower left area of ​​the inlay. And just as clearly recognizable is a sticker a little further up, which reads:

“60 FPS performance mode not available at launch”


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60 FPS mode will be added at some point

Even if it is not clear whether this is a real picture and how many boxes actually have this sticker, it is apparently proof of the short-term nature of the decision. Because the packaging and the inlays of the physical version of Redfall should have been produced for a long time – well before the time when the developers announced the 30 FPS info.


According to their information, however, the 60 FPS imprint will eventually be correct. Because, as Arkane announced when the only mode for Redfall was announced, there will be a 60 FPS option “at a later date” submitted later.

The release of Redfall is planned for May 2nd – by the way also directly in the Game Pass – from then on you can go into battle alone or in co-op in the eponymous city against hordes of vampires. The different abilities of the four characters should provide variety.

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