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Xbox Game Bar boosts gaming performance on Windows 10 and 11 with Ryzen 7950X3D – Xbox

Xbox Game Bar boosts gaming performance on Windows 10 and 11 with Ryzen 7950X3D

AMD today introduced the Ryzen 7000X3D processors, which incorporate a new technology called 3D V-cache. The flagship model, the 7950X3D, has been compared to the Intel Core i9-13900K and has shown virtually identical performance, but with the advantage of consuming almost half the power of Intel chips. This improvement in energy efficiency is largely due to the new V-cache 3D technology, which has been incorporated into one of the CCD/CCXs of the new 7000X3D parts.

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Unlike previous 5800X3D parts, these new CPUs have an asymmetric desEsports Extrasthat requires special optimizations in the operating system. However, AMD has released new drivers with version that improve this optimization. In addition, the 3D V-Cache Performance Optimizer driver changes the way Collaborative Processor Performance Control (CPPC) works, which prioritizes the fastest cores.


The Xbox game bar benefits from the new Ryzen 7950X3D

The new CPPC controller now prioritizes gaming workloads so they are sent to the CCX/CCD that packs the onboard V-cache, improving gaming performance. Game mode within Windows 10 and Windows 11 already works fine with the new AMD chipset driver, but if it doesn’t work correctly, you can use the Xbox Game Bar to assEsports Extrasa particular title or game.

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Non-gaming users can also use this option for other types of workloads on the new 7000X3D chips. In any case, 3D V-cache technology represents a significant improvement in performance and energy efficiency of AMD’s Ryzen 7000X3D processors, which makes them an interesting option for users looking for an improvement in the performance of their systems.

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