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Xbox Game Pass: Discover why it will not be a threat to the video game industry – Generacion Xbox

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There is always a lot of talk, (almost always without knowledge) about what a service like Xbox Game Pass means for the video game industry. Chris Chatresponsible for the program [email protected], has recently spoken about the influence of this expansion in the video game industry. According to him, the growing popularity of the service is not something that should be considered as “destabilizing” the market.

With the recent addition of Bethesda to the team and the upcoming inclusion of Activision Blizzard, the family of developer houses associated with Xbox Game Pass continues to grow. In this context, what will be the effect generated by the growth of the subscription in the video game market?


Xbox Game Pass is no threat

It is an addition. People still buy a lot of games, even on Xbox. They also buy games through Game Pass, taking advantage of the discount they get as subscribers. I don’t think the Xbox Game Pass business model can have destabilizing effects, it has been established as an additional model in a very positive way. And we as an industry need to look at more of these business models.

We see developers reaching out to us to discuss a second, third, fourth, or fifth game to bring to Xbox Game Pass. The model is clearly working for them.

Microsoft has demonstrated its commitment to the video game industry by offering a wide range of options for gamers on Xbox Game Pass, including Microsoft-exclusive games, third-party titles, and indie games. The subscription service has become a major player in the industry and has changed the way gamers discover and play new titles.