Xbox Game Pass gets a new game today for Xbox and PC – Xbox

Tom Henry

xbox game pass gets a new game today for xbox

One more day we have to welcome a new game that is released today on Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass gets a new game today for Xbox and PC
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One more day we must welcome a new game for Xbox Game Pass. Almost every day we have to share with you the news of a new arrival at the service, something undoubtedly positive, since it means that Xbox Game Pass does not stop growing.

McPixel 3 combines innovative gameplay with a pretty retro visual style that catches the eye. Players will embark on a fast-paced quest to save dishes from absurd and dangerous situations. With wit and skill, they must solve challenging puzzles in a limited time to avoid disaster. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to enjoy McPixel 3 at no additional cost, adding to the extensive list of games available on the platform. This is an excellent opportunity to enter a world full of fun and challenges, where every decision and solution will make a difference.

Celebrate Thursday with a new free game for Xbox Game Pass

It is a bird? It is a plane? It falls too fast to be either. It’s McPixel! A would-be hero who always ends up getting into the most surreal mess you can imagine.

  • McPixel 3 – Available today on Xbox Game Pass

More games are coming to Xbox Game Pass in the coming days, you can check the next releases through the following link.

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