Xbox Game Pass in August 2023: All new games and departures

xbox game pass in august 2023: all new games and

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Xbox Game Pass in August 2023: All new games and departures

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These are the new games for August on Xbox Game Pass.

August has arrived, so it’s worth taking a look at Xbox Game Pass. We round up for you which new games are coming to the service and which will leave during the month.

A notice: Since the new Game Pass games are always divided into two halves of the month, we will update this article regularly.

Last update on August 15th: Microsoft has officially confirmed the second half of the month for Xbox Game Pass in August. We also know which games will leave the subscription on August 31st.

These Xbox games are new to Game Pass in August 2023

  • Celeste (01 Aug) – Console, Cloud, PC
  • A Short Hike (03 Aug) – Console, Cloud, PC
  • Broforce Forever (08 August) – Console, Cloud, PC
  • limbo (09 August) – Console, Cloud, PC
  • Airborne Kingdom (10 Aug) – Console, Cloud, PC
  • ever space 2 (August 15) – Xbox Series X/S, Cloud
  • Fire watch (17 Aug) – Console, Cloud, PC
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (18 August) – Console, PC
  • Sea of ​​Stars (29 Aug) – Console

Highlight in August 2023


Celeste - Acclaimed platformer revealed in launch trailer

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Celeste – Acclaimed platformer revealed in launch trailer

  • genre: Jump’n’Run
  • Released in Game Pass: August 01, 2023

That’s what it’s about: In the Jump ‘n’ Run Celeste you take on the role of the girl Madeline. She wants to climb the eponymous mountain Mount Celeste, but struggles with her own self-doubt on the way to the summit.

The game is suitable for you if… you finally want to experience a jump ‘n’ run that not only convinces with its gameplay but also with its story.

These games will leave Game Pass in August 2023

Through the Xbox store, we now know which games are going to be gone soon. If you also want to play one of these titles, you can secure them with a 20 percent discount until they are out.

These games are leaving Xbox Game Pass on August 15

These games will leave Xbox Game Pass on August 31st

  • BlackDesert – Cloud and Console
  • Commandos 3 – HD Remaster – Cloud, Console, and PC
  • immortality – Cloud, Console, and PC
  • Nuclear thrones – Cloud, Console, and PC
  • Surgeon simulator 2 – Cloud, Console, and PC
  • tinykin – Cloud, Console, and PC

Even more recommendations for you

Tips for all Game Pass subscribers: In our recommendation list you will find some particularly good games from Game Pass that we can expressly recommend to you. And like every month, you can also read about which games ended up in Game Pass last month.

All information about the Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a paid service for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One that gives you access to over 400 games. In the standard version, you can only access the normal Game Pass library. With Ultimate, which costs a little more, you also get Xbox Live Gold membership, access to cloud gaming, PC Game Pass, and EA Play.

Which Game Pass games will you be playing on your Xbox in August?

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