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Xbox Game Pass news for July: GTA 5, Exoprimal, Techtonica, McPixel 3 and more

xbox game pass news for july: gta 5, exoprimal, techtonica,

Grand Theft Auto V and exoprimal They are some of the most outstanding games that arrive during the first half of July in the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass catalog. Microsoft has announced on Wednesday afternoon the news of the service, among which there are titles that are released directly on Game Pass. There are three titles that leave the list, among them spelunky 2.

  • Grand Theft Auto V available today: Xbox Series, Xbox One and cloud
  • Sword and Fairy: Together Forever available today: Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC and cloud
  • McPixel 3 July 6th: Xbox One, PC and Cloud
  • Commonhood July 11: Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC and cloud
  • Insurgency: Sandstorm July 11: pc
  • exoprimal July 14: Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC and cloud
  • techtonica (Game Preview) July 18: Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC and cloud
  • The Cave July 18: Xbox One and cloud

GTA 5which was already on Xbox Game Pass in 2021, needs no introduction, but this time it is also includes remastering for Xbox Series X/S which was released last year. Sword and Fairy: Together Forever is an RPG set in Asian mythology where you command a group of characters with their own personalities, motivations, and abilities.


exoprimalreleased for 1 in Game Pass, is a multiplayer game from Capcom where PvP and PvE are mixed in a shooter with classes where players must mow down massive hordes of dinosaurs. techtonicawhich is released in Game Preview or early access, is a kind of factorio In first person with cooperative mode where you build and automate in an alien underground world.

McPixel 3 is the sequel (yes, there was no second part) of the humorous adventure McPixel. common hood is a settlement and survival simulator, and Insurgency: Sandstorm it’s a shooter realistic warfare set in a fictional current conflict. Finally, The Cave is the adventure co-developed by Double Fine Productions, Tim Schafer’s studio, and Ron Gilbert, the creator of Monkey Island and maniac mansion.


Game Pass goes up in price tomorrow

Xbox Game Pass for console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate go up in price tomorrow, July 6 for new subscribers up to 10.99 per month and 14.99 per month respectively. Those who are already subscribed will not be affected by the change until August 13. The price of PC Game Pass does not vary.