Xbox Game Pass: the first games of October already revealed

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xbox game pass: the first games of october already revealed

Microsoft has just revealed the first free games for Xbox Game Pass for October 2023, as well as the latest additions and departures for September.

Bad day for Microsoft. The American company must face an avalanche of leaks coming from documents it provided to the FTC, the American federal organization which strongly opposed the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. Xbox exclusive of The Elder Scrolls 6, schedule of upcoming Bethesda releases, future consoles and controllers, everything was found on the Web last night. Never mind, the American publisher continues its routine around Xbox Game Pass as if nothing had happened. The latest games added this month have been revealed.

Xbox Game Pass late September and October games

The release of Starfield at the start of the month kept Xbox Game Pass subscribers busy. If Bethesda’s latest license is enough to keep players in suspense for dozens or even hundreds of hours, some are just waiting for the next arrivals on the service. Not everyone is into RPGs or space epics, and Microsoft doesn’t intend to leave people in this category on the sidelines. Souls-like fans can discover Lies of P a day in advance, the game inspired by Pinocchio with the feel of Bloodborne.

Those who prefer to have it out with friends will be able to compete in Party Animals, the completely crazy new game which could well be one of the sensations of the independent scene this fall. Payday 3 should also occupy groups of friends soon, if its problems are resolved by its official release on September 21. The last wave of Xbox Game Pass in September 2023 will ultimately be rich in releases, but some older productions will accompany them. Here is the program for the next few days:

  • Available – Lies of P (Cloud, Console, & PC)
  • September 20 – Party Animals (Cloud & Console)
  • September 21 – Payday 3 (Cloud, PC, & Xbox Series X|S)
  • September 29 – Cocoon (Console & PC)
  • October 3 – Gotham Knights (Cloud, PC, & Xbox Series X|S)
  • October 3 -The Lamplighter’s League (Cloud, PC, & Xbox Series X|S)

The last departures of September

Additionally, new benefits are coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate this month, including content for EA Sports UFC 4 and Apex Legends. As usual, these new arrivals will be accompanied by releases, revealed a little in advance. Subscribers who would like to keep the games in question will be able to benefit from a -20% discount on those who are leaving. As of September 30, 2023, six games will leave Xbox Game Pass:

  • Weird West
  • Moonscars
  • Outriders
  • Beacon Pines
  • Despot’s Game
  • Prodeus

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