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Xbox Game Pass: This may be another of the new games for April – Xbox

Xbox Game Pass: This may be another of the new games for April

We have not yet finished March, but we are already beginning to glimpse the new month and with it it is time to review the games that will arrive on Xbox Game Pass. The general whole of 2023 has been very interesting around the service, we have had numerous launch games and this does not seem to be slowing down, we have more games confirmed for April and a surprise just revealed.

The ESRB has offered new ranking data for the next game that may come to Xbox Game Pass. This game had already postponed its release several times and now it seems that after this, it should be seen on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass soon.

This game may come to Xbox Game Pass in April

The game features a large number of different mini-games, each with their own set of objectives and challenges. From obstacle courses to melee combat, Party Animals offers a fun and exciting gaming experience for the whole family. One of the main novelties about Party Animals is that it will be available on Xbox Game Pass from its launch, which means that subscribers to the service will be able to enjoy the game at no additional cost.


Although there is no official release date for Party Animals yet, the game’s appearance on the official ESRB website suggests that its release could be right around the corner.

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