Xbox Game Pass: three new free games to try, do it quickly

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xbox game pass: three new free games to try, do

It’s almost the weekend and Microsoft wants its Xbox Game Pass subscribers to keep busy. A burst of three new games are available to try for free.

Xbox Game Pass in October 2023 will be one of the most important months for the service with big names in video games. But from now on, players can form an opinion on three titles that have been available for some time via the Free Play Days operation.

Three games to try for free in Xbox Game Pass

This week, Xbox Game Pass had access to three cult games that were not yet within the subscription service. Safe values ​​since it is the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney trilogy from Capcom. A great way to end the month of September, before the new Game Pass features from October 2023 which will be very solid. There will be Gotham Knights, Cities Skylines 2 or even the next Forza Motorsport.

From now until Monday, October 2 at 8:59 a.m. (French time), you will have access as subscribers to three other games. First there will be Ubisoft’s extreme sports title: Riders Republic. A sort of Steep-bis, but with other disciplines such as mountain biking, snowboarding or even wingsuiting. As often, if you like it, an Xbox Game Pass reduction of -75% to get the game for €9.99 instead of €39.99.

The second free trial is Shredders – nothing to do with the Ninja Turtles. It is also an extreme sports software but which focuses only on snowboarding. “Advance to the snowboarding event of the year in hopes of securing a pass to an exclusive competition. To prove you’re up to the challenge, master the art of park riding, buttering, rails and massive kickers and earn your place in the world of snowboarding ».

Finally, last game to try for Xbox Game Pass Core and XGPU subscribers: Ed-0 Zombie Uprising. A zombie massacre in Edo-era Japan. “Now the zombie hunt by the three Zom-beings has begun in order to restore Japan to the way it was before the country was opened to the outside world! ». A 30% discount is also offered.

Credits: Xbox.

That’s it for this new Xbox Game Pass Free Play Days weekend, while waiting for the next one like every time.

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