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Xbox Game Pass Weekly Task Guide: February 21-28 | we are xbox

Among the many benefits of having an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimatethere is the possibility of earn points from Microsoft Rewards. Said points are redeemable for gift cards in digital stores, temporary extensions of the membership itself, participate in raffles and even make contributions to charitable associations.


Unlike the Microsoft Rewards task system on Bing, where we’re prompted to do browser searches and complete quizzes, Xbox Game Pass tasks are aimed at motivate us to test the titles attached to the catalogue. Thus, Microsoft helps make the games visible that are active while offering players the opportunity to meet them.

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xbox game pass tasksThese are the weekly tasks of Xbox Game Pass

Behind the task redesEsports Extrasthat Microsoft has done, this week’s tasks are:

  • for 10 points | win your way: Unlock 3 achievements or play 3 different Game Pass games
  • for 10 points | Complete 3 daily missions: Complete 3 daily missions this week
  • For 50 points | Earn an achievement on Game Pass
  • for 5 points | Eiyuden Chronicle Rising: Launch the game either by installing it or from the cloud
  • for 250 points | Aragami 2: Knock out 15 enemies

The weekly tasks are the easiest of the Microsoft rewards program, but it all adds up when it comes to earning points that can later be translated into games and other digital content free. Those of this week will be active from February 21 to 28.

If you want to complete all the available ones, consult the monthly guide.