Xbox Game Pass will continue with exclusive Day One, Sony will not compete in this – Xbox

xbox game pass will continue with exclusive day one, sony

Tom Henry

Xbox Game Pass will continue with exclusive Day One, Sony will not compete in this – Xbox

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One of the great attractions of Xbox Game Pass is undoubtedly offering exclusive games from day one on the service. This is summed up in that, all games made by Xbox Game Studios will be available the same day of launch on Xbox Game Pass and if you are a subscriber, you can enjoy them.

With this letter of introduction it is with which we know Xbox Game Pass and although Sony has wanted to compete with this, it has not wanted to go further and will not offer its games on the service on launch day. Xbox follows a clear strategy and they will maintain it, great third-party and own launch games on Xbox Game Pass, while the Japanese company will bet on a different format.

Xbox Game Pass is the model to follow

Putting games a little bit later in their lifecycle means reaching more customers 12, 18, 24 months after launch. We see that our customers are still excited about those games and happy to participate. From time to time, opportunities to invest in day one games will arise, as we did with Stray, and we will continue to take advantage of them. But for us, letting those games hit the market first outside of the service, it’s working, and it’s going to continue and move forward with that strategy.

As you can read in the quote above, Sony will not compete with Microsoft in this field, that does not mean that they have not carried out tests like Stray, but they seem more like exceptions than a business model for the future. In this way, Xbox Game Pass continues to lead this business model and offer its subscribers all the games first on the day of launch.

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