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Xbox games from PC to Nvidia GeForce Now: Microsoft debunks one of the CMA’s biggest concerns | we are xbox

A deal that brings all Xbox games from PC to Nvidia GeForce Now is not something to be taken lightly, let alone these days. In the midst of a war to get antitrust regulators to approve Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, those of Redmond have made a movement that has pulverized one of the biggest concerns that the CMA hadto allow access to as many players as possible to Call of Duty once the purchase is closed.


As many of you know, Nvidia has a cloud gaming service accessible from any browser or mobile device and that allows us to play games that we have purchased on PC in some of the most important libraries on the market such as the Epic Games Store, Steam or Ubisoft. Following Microsoft’s announcement of the deal to bring Xbox games from PC to Nvidia Geforce Now, the concern of the CMA should be covered, since we are talking about a service that could be accessed by practically everyone.

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EA Play on Nvidia GeForce Now

Xbox games from PC to Nvidia GeForce Now

But it is not only that, the agreement creates a very favorable precedent for Microsoft with a view to its credibility in the future. by allowing your games to be accessible from the competing cloud service, since Xbox has its own cloud gaming service with Xcloud. This movement follows the line of the constant statements by Brad Smith and Phil Spencer that their intention is to reach as many players as possible.

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In the same way, Xbox would not be the only beneficiary in this agreement, since COD and Activison games would also be attached to this agreement. Thus, all games on the Battle Net platform would also come to GeForce Nowwhich would see its catalog of games increase with several of the most important sagas on the video game scene.

At the moment it is not very clear if we will only be able to play those games that we have purchased or if the games included in the Game Pass subscription will be accessible, as is the case with EA or Ubisoft games, which are accessible on GeForce Now if we have an Xbox subscription. Anyway, and if that is the case, we will return with all the information so that you can enjoy this agreement to the fullest, which joins the agreement with Nintendo and which seeks to close once and for all the controversy surrounding the purchase of Activision Blizzard. .