Xbox has a couple of cards up its sleeve before June

With most of our game schedule for the first half of this year already figured out, it looks like the surprises for the rest of 2023 will be revealed starting in June, when Xbox, Sony and others are reportedly already planning some big reveals. .

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Phil Spencer, in a recent interview with Xbox On, has confirmed that while we may have some small revelations for Xbox Game Pass, similar to the GoldenEye announcement, most Xbox employees are preparing for the presentation. of June.

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“Obviously, the Game Pass catalog continues to grow,” Spencer said. “But most of our focus as a team is really getting ready for Showcase.”

With Starfield and Redfall already confirmed for this year, there are already some heavy hitters on the Xbox calendar for 2023. But from the looks of it, we could be in for some big surprises down the road.

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Check out Phil Spencer’s full interview below:

Xbox has a couple of cards up its sleeve before June