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Xbox has reached a new record with 120 million monthly active players – Xbox



We qualified and restated the story to make it clear that the 120 million active players refers to Xbox Live in general, not Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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We have a new report that brings both good and bad news for Microsoft and its Xbox division. On this occasion, according to the report, the Xbox Game Pass subscription service has broken a record, achieving “new highs” in the level of users connected to Xbox Live each month.


Achieving “new highs” means that they have reached 120 million users simultaneously connected to the Xbox ecosystem in a single month, as Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s head of communications, comments in the tweet below. In this way, it is clear that the brand and Xbox Game Pass continue to expand throughout the world thanks to the large amount of content and news that have been added throughout the year 2022.

Xbox has a bright future, Xbox Game Pass, exclusive games and much more

Despite the good news that we have just given, it seems that the report is not entirely satisfactory, since the hardware and video game division has been compromised with a drop of 13% compared to the previous year. Although it is a completely negative fact, it is understandable that Xbox has taken this into account preparing for 2023, in addition to supporting itself with the good results of Xbox Game Pass.

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In addition to this, hardware sales have been increasing in recent months, knowing that 2023 will not have the same drought as 2022 is a positive indicator. But not only this, because Xbox will have several interesting strategies that will support this rise, being Activision Blizzard their most powerful card on the table.

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Finally, I want to emphasize that the Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan has not officially been released worldwide, so in my opinion it will be an important trigger that not many are taking into account. But beyond all of the above, it is good to know the current state of the company and realize if there will be problems in the future or if we can get excited about new things.

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