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Xbox is not interested in playing with Call of Duty exclusivity, reiterates Phil Spencer

call of duty is the main stumbling block in Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which has led to the signing of a binding agreement to bring the saga to Nintendo consoles for 10 years, and the same offer is made to Sony, which for the moment, has not responded. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, reiterates that It is not their intention to take advantage of the exclusivity of call of duty if the deal closes for 69,000 million dollars.


In an interview to xbox onin which he also hints at some surprise for the coming months, remains committed to giving call of duty on equal terms of content and features on all platforms. “When we say availability everywhere and not exclusive, we want to make the best version of call of duty for any player on any of those platforms,” ​​says Spencer.

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“There’s a great game that was released a couple of weeks ago, Hogwarts Legacy. And yes, there is a quest that is available on PlayStation and not Xbox as part of that. [el acuerdo], and I know it’s part of the industry. That’s not what we’re trying to do here. [con Call of Duty]. It’s not about a weapon skin, it’s about a game mode. The same version will be available on all platforms, which is what we do today. [con otras sagas]. If you are a player of Minecraft on PlayStation I don’t think you have the feeling of playing a worse version of Minecraft, minecraft dungeon either Minecraft Legends when it launches,” says the manager. “We want those players to have a great experience on the platform they prefer to play on”.

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An agreement to reassure regulatory bodies

This month Microsoft announced a binding agreement with Nintendo “for 10 years to carry call of duty to Nintendo gamers, the same day as Xbox, with all the features and content parity, so they can experience call of duty like Xbox and PlayStation players.” The company claims to be committed to “giving Call of Duty long-term access to other gaming platforms, offering more options to more players and more competition to the gaming market“. With Nvidia they signed to bring their PC games to GeForce Now as well for a decade.

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Microsoft does not want exclusivity of Call of Duty or its content