Xbox: it’s the end of an era, Microsoft is finally moving on

xbox: it's the end of an era, microsoft is finally

Tom Henry

Xbox: it’s the end of an era, Microsoft is finally moving on

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As we know, gamers are known for their nostalgia, and this announcement from Microsoft is likely to touch many hearts, marking the end of an entire era on Xbox.

The official Xbox blog has just been updated with an announcement dreaded by many gaming veterans. It’s now official, and many of us are going to have to let go of some of our gaming memories. It’s a blow.

The end of an Xbox ecosystem

Next November, it will be 18 years since the 360 ​​was launched, an emblematic console of its generation which introduced many players to the world of video games. Over time, we’ve discovered some real gems, from Gears of War to Fable 2. In fact, many still play their favorite Xbox 360 titles today. However, the time for change is approaching, and by 2024 the Xbox 360 experience will see major changes.

So, starting July 29, 2024, Xbox will no longer allow the purchase of new games, DLCs, and other content through the Xbox 360 Console Store and the Xbox 360 Marketplace. As a result of this change, the Microsoft Movies & TV app will also no longer be operational, making TV and film content inaccessible on the platform after that date. However, to ensure a smooth transition, purchases of games and DLC will remain possible until July 2024.

It’s only a good bye ?

Attention, it is important to note that this development will not compromise the ability of players to access Xbox 360 games or DLCs they already own. This content will remain playable, whether on the 360, the One or the Xbox Series consoles thanks to backward compatibility. For those who want to continue playing older games on the Series X/S, Microsoft says it has improved these titles to look better and offer better gameplay, with increased FPS, auto HDR and load times. reduced. It seems that Microsoft’s priority is now to optimize its latest generation console. This closure also represents a significant saving, especially since the maintenance of the servers can be costly.

The announcement of the end of support for the Xbox 360 is not done without arousing strong emotions in the gaming community. But Microsoft’s decision reflects the economic and technical realities of maintaining an aging platform. By focusing its resources on the most modern consoles, the American manufacturer can thus turn (normally) towards the future. Despite the bad news, this moment is also an opportunity for Microsoft to reaffirm its commitment to preserving video game heritage, as shown by their continued support for backwards compatibility. It’s clear that even as the Xbox 360 gradually fades from the scene, its legacy will live on through the titles and memories it left behind.

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