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Xbox Most Wanted: The Elder Scrolls 6 only manages 3rd place

We asked the GamePro community which Xbox Exclusive they're most excited for.

We asked the GamePro community which Xbox Exclusive they’re most excited for.

Even before this week’s event, where Xbox and Bethesda presented games like Forza Motorsport or Redfall in more detail, we asked the GamePro community in a survey which Xbox exclusive game they were most excited about. Somewhat surprisingly, The Elder Scrolls 6 only managed third place, beaten by another Bethesda game.

The result – Here are the ten Xbox exclusives you’re most looking forward to:

  1. Starfield (27%)
  2. Hellblade 2 (11%)
  3. The Elder Scrolls 6 (11%)
  4. Forza Motorsport (10%)
  5. stalker 2 (10%)
  6. fabulous (10%)
  7. Indiana Jones (7%)
  8. Age of Empires (Console) (3%)
  9. Perfect Dark (3%)
  10. State of Decay 3 (2%)

Total votes: As of today, 4,344 GamePro users took part in our survey and commented strongly on their choice. At this point, once again, a big thank you for your active participation.

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Starfield is clearly your Xbox Most Wanted

With a total of 1,170 votes, Starfield came out on top of Hellblade 2 (476 votes) and the aforementioned The Elder Scrolls 6 (474 ​​votes).

In the back seats Everwild, which according to insiders has serious problems during the development, cavorts, Obsidian’s new role-playing game The Outer Worlds 2 and, somewhat surprisingly, the game by the Dishonored makers from Arkane, Redfall, which will be released on May 2nd. There was a new gameplay trailer for the vampire game during the Xbox event:


Redfall: The vampire shooter shoots through new gameplay and reveals the release date


Redfall: The vampire shooter shoots through new gameplay and reveals the release date


A few days ago we also asked you which PlayStation Exclusive you are currently looking forward to the most. We have summarized the result here:

Fall for the hype: Community member Judge-Dredd is now looking forward to Starfield like Bolle and writes: “Definitely Starfield. I’ve succumbed to the hype now. Because I have faith in Bethesda, Starfield can be my game of the year.” Our mod STownKing is also looking forward to the Bethesda RPG the most and writes: “I voted for Starfield, but I would have liked to have voted for several. Indie, Fable, Forza, Perfect Dark, Stalker, Redfall and Hellblade rank similarly high for me“.


The Elder Scrolls 6 still too far away: Your comments also make it clear why the Skyrim successor did not end up at the top of your most wanted list. So Mincemeat writes: “My favorite of these would probably be The Elder Scrolls 6. Meanwhile, however, I don’t even know if that gene will still be released, let alone 2023.“. Crazillo also replies: “Starfield is #1 because it’s just coming so soon, but obviously TES VI is going to be a bigger thing.”

Yours and our Most Wanted 2023

Of course, since not only Xbox exclusives will appear this year, we asked you about your most wanted for all consoles at the beginning of the year. On the other hand, if you want to know which games the GamePro editorial team is most excited about, you can find out more under the link.

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Is Redfall still so far behind in your favor after the showcase, or has the new trailer changed your mind?