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Xbox physical games could soon stop being sold in Brazil | we are xbox

That the digital format is booming is a reality that many players still find difficult to accept, since there are many who enjoy this hobby with a marked inclination towards collecting. For them and the publishers, the physical format only has advantages, while for the creators of the platforms there are several drawbacks.

On one side are the production costs and on the other those of distribution. In addition, nowadays environmental awareness also comes into play (never better said). But if the accounts also do not come out, that is when the whole process ceases to be profitable. And this is what would be happening in a country like Brazil, where the days of physical Xbox games seem to be numbered.

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Soon they could stop selling physical Xbox games in Brazil 52Will physical Xbox games stop being sold in Brazil?

According to Brazilian distributors, physical Xbox games will no longer be manufactured or distributed in Brazil. As proof, they provide contacts and that some of the upcoming 2023 releases, such as Hogwarts Legacy or Resident Evil 4, will not have a Blu-ray disc version for Xbox.

Apparently, the main reason for making this decision would be in the low sales figures of games in the physical media of your market, such as retailers and suppliers. At the moment, Microsoft neither confirmed nor denied it in a response to Esports ExtrasBrasil:

At Xbox we are always looking for ways to continue to give users the best content to play on the device they want. The community can continue to enjoy our games through digital codes or on their first day through Game Pass.

Players are already used to consuming games through services like Xbox Game Pass or taking advantage of the batches of digital offers. Some publishers are jumping on the bandwagon and there are also consoles like Xbox Series S that are more affordable, and that only play digital games.


For now, Brazil would be the first country in which the distribution of physical Xbox games would cease, so a console like Xbox Series X would be relegated to those players who are willing to purchase the games. via import.

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