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Xbox revenue falls 13% from last year, but it’s not all negative | we are xbox

Microsoft ya ha subido el precio de Xbox Series X


As usual, every time a quarter ends, companies offer data on their fiscal results through the elaborate financial reports they present to their partners. Specifically, yesterday it was Microsoft that revealed its data, which although they have yielded benefits in the general section, have also confirmed that Xbox revenue falls compared to the same year of the previous yearwith a total drop of 13% in gaming revenue.

The data has been shared by Microsoft through its official page, where we can see that it is confirmed that Xbox revenue falls by up to 13% taking into account all the data related to gaming. Hardware revenue also fell 13%, while Xbox content and services revenue fell 12%, something Microsoft justifies with «declines in first-party content and less monetization on third-party content”.


Xbox revenue falls in the last quarter

Xbox revenue falls, Game Pass subscriptions rise

Of course, not all the data that has been offered has been negative. At the same time that Microsoft reported that its profits fell compared to what was seen in the same exercise last year, it also confirmed that this drop was offset by “the growth of Xbox Game Pass subscriptions”. Those from Redmond have not offered specific details about the number of subscribers to the service, but it must be remembered that Sony assured a few months ago that Game Pass had already exceeded 29 million active users.

Also, the data shouldn’t be as worrisome as it first seems, because if we ask ourselves why Xbox revenue is falling, we have several possible answers. In the first place, as Microsoft claimed, for lack of first party gamessomething that the company should remedy throughout this year, and whose change will begin today with the Developer_Direct.

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Second, it must be taken into account that the economy has been hit across the board of life, so it is normal that the financial results in video games are somewhat lower than those seen during the past year. However, with the drop in inflation and the arrival of the long-awaited Xbox exclusives, it is most likely that this negative trend in revenue will be reversed in the coming years. In fact, the company pointed out that this quarter the record for active users was broken, which will translate into better results in the future.