Xbox Series: a cult franchise back after Starfield?

xbox series: a cult franchise back after starfield?

Tom Henry

Xbox Series: a cult franchise back after Starfield?

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The developers of the next Indiana Jones game would be ready to bring an iconic video game license back to Xbox Series. A future hit to come?

Are Microsoft and Bethesda preparing a surprise for Xbox Series and PC gamers? A job posting might have revealed a project that many had been waiting for, and which until then had been dismissed by Pete Hines. The publishing director at Bethesda who must be busy right now with the launch of Starfield.

Wolfenstein 3 in development on Xbox Series and PC?

William “BJ” Blazkowicz back in Wolfenstein 3 to kill Nazis by the dozen on Xbox Series and PC? Some players dream of it. But for Bethesda, it didn’t seem like a priority, at least in 2021. “Regarding Wolfenstein, and more broadly all the licenses for which we have not announced anything, we will have to wait until we want to talk about it. But you can put me at the top of the list of people waiting for a new episode. So there is nothing to worry about » had explained Pete Hines to the microphone of Gamespot.

Except that, as mentioned, this interview is dated and things could have changed a lot in the meantime. According to a job posting on the website of ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda, the franchise developers are currently looking for a senior animator for a mystery Xbox Series production. The candidate who will join the ranks of MachineGames must be “passionate about video games”and especially for “immersive first-person games”. What sticks with this cult FPS.

But it could also relate to the Indiana Jones game, which we know nothing about. Other than the fact that it will for sure be released on Xbox Series and maybe even somewhere else. However, this hypothesis is watered down since the studio adds that it needs a profile who has experience in “the animation of quadrupedal creatures or characters” (via Tech4Gamers). And there, we think more of the bestiary of Wolfenstein like the Panzerhund.

The angry Panzerhund from Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (credits: Steam).

An exit after Indiana Jones and Starfield?

For a release after Starfield, it’s a no-brainer. Bethesda’s next game will be available September 6, 2023 exclusively for Xbox Series and PC. However for Indiana Jones, it is much more vague given the little information to be put in the tooth.

In the course of various interviews, Todd Howard, director and executive producer within Bethesda, made it known that the game was going to be based on an old scenario. A story forgotten by LucasFilm in a drawer? No. It will be an intrigue imagined ten years ago by Todd Howard and refined with the support of MachineGames.

“I think I first tried pitching the idea to George Lucas in 2009, and I’ve been trying to find a way to do it ever since. And I think the work done by Machine Games proves that they are phenomenal developers and storytellers. When I started talking to them about it, I knew it would fit. We had the opportunity to discuss it with Lucas and Disney and they are super happy » (via IGN). Still according to him, it will be a “definitive love letter to the license”.

This new adaptation of Indiana Jones, which will have an original script, should be an Xbox Series and PC exclusive… or not. A few months ago, Jez Corden of WindowsCentral said, ” The only information I have on the Indiana Jones game is that it was not an exclusive. But it was a while ago, and that might have changed.” Thus implying a PS5 release. Which is indeed a possibility since Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox, had indicated that Bethesda games exclusive or not to Microsoft platforms would be the subject of a study. ” case by case “.

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