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Xbox Series: a new exclusive has leaked, a big studio at the helm

Xbox obviously has a lot to show us during its next Xbox Direct and a new exclusive has just leaked and it’s being developed by a very big studio.


Only a few hours before its big conference, Xbox is already seeing one of its surprises leak on the web. The insider in love with good deals, Billbil-kun, to whom we owe most of the leaks concerning PS Plus games, came early in the morning to reveal to us one of the large cartridges that Xbox carefully kept secret until here. Revelations planned for the next Xbox Direct perhaps?

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A new Xbox exclusive by a renowned studio, surprise!

However, the information remains a little thin. Billbil-kun tells us that the game will be called Hi-Fi Rush, formerly known as Project Hibiki. The game would be developed by Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within, Ghostwire Tokyo) and overseen by Bethesda. As the previous rumors already suggested, the game would be the opposite of what Tango Gameworks had so far used to offer us. We should therefore not pour into horror or into parallel universes stuffed with ghosts, but into something else entirely. Moreover, it is said that this Hi-Fi Rush would only be prohibited for children under 12, which suggests a game that is relatively suitable for all audiences. The title should however be relatively large, especially since a Deluxe version would be provided in addition to a standard edition.

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Of course, we can easily deduce that the game will be available on Xbox Series and PC and lands on the Xbox Game Pass in day one.

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A still secret game

However, we do not yet know what it will be exactly. Tango Gameworks is able to bring us almost anything and everything, as its games are very different. The Evil Within plunges into madness and utter horror, while Ghostwire Tokyo presents itself as an atypical open world FPS where Japanese folklore and urban legends mix. Previous rumors on Reddit and ResetEra seemed to claim that the game would be some kind of futuristic shooter, maybe even multiplayer, and that it should have a big dose of fun. But nothing is certain yet, especially since nothing has yet been verified. We therefore only have to wait for the next Xbox Direct to find out for sure and if it is not there, we will wait very wisely for Xbox and Bethesda to tell us about it in the months to come. But according to Billbil-kun, the announcement is imminent.

RUMOR concept art via ResetEra