Xbox Series: a radical decision that can cause you to lose your games

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Xbox Series: a radical decision that can cause you to lose your games

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Microsoft has just made a drastic decision that the most malicious Xbox Series and One gamers could pay dearly. A new system will do no favors.

The three manufacturers fight against toxic behavior in the world of video games. But Microsoft has tightened its policy again recently. Since July, a new Xbox Series & One feature has been in testing for Insiders members. It allows you to capture a 60-second clip of a voice discussion in order to report any attitude that goes beyond the accepted framework. The Redmond firm is now going much further.

Toxic behavior punished by Microsoft

If online games are supposed to be a place of relaxation, where you can possibly gently tease your opponents, sometimes it also happens much less well. As in other places on the Internet, gamers can be victims of toxic behavior repeatedly or not. To prevent this toxicity, Microsoft has already implemented a series of tools to send reports. A not easy task and this is in particular why the voice warning functionality will only be deployed in Anglo-Saxon countries at first.

In order to continue to move in this direction, Microsoft has made a decision by unveiling a new system of sanctions on Xbox Series & One. For any objectionable actions such as insulting, cheating, (sexual) harassment and intimidation, hate speech, the user will receive a warning with a longer or shorter suspension. This new system makes it possible to apply penalties based on the seriousness of the actions. This is similar to the driving license points in many countries. For example, a player who received a warning will be suspended from the platform for one day. While the one who has received four will be suspended for seven days » explains Xbox’s Dave MacCarthy.

The suspensions are cumulative, but after eight, it’s the door for a year. During this period, the individual will no longer have access to Xbox Series & One social features. This includes messaging, group chats (Party) or even multiplayer. However, be careful because those who persist in this way risk much more.

Credits: Xbox Wire.

You can lose all your Xbox Series & One games

In its blog post, Microsoft says it will keep track of warnings for six months. Also, as shown in the image above, it is possible to appeal. Indeed, it also happens that reports are sent without a valid reason, and in this case, the user must be able to turn around. If you ever get suspended, you can use apps that don’t involve interacting with others. As a result, you will always have your library of solo games at hand.

Nevertheless, Xbox warns that for the most serious infractions, the account can be blocked for life. And there, you will lose absolutely everything, including your purchases. “With these changes, Xbox is evolving law enforcement to emphasize player protection. It is for this reason that even suspended accounts remain functional for single-player experiences. And players don’t lose access to purchased content. However, for the most serious violations, including illegal activities, Xbox reserves the right to revoke all features of an account. Including access to purchases. » adds McCarthy.

For stats lovers, Microsoft informs that in 2022 “less than 1% of players have been subject to a temporary suspension”. In the lot, a third reoffended with a second suspension. At the time of publishing this article, there is no French version, which suggests that it is not yet applied in France. But it is surely only a matter of time. The fight against toxic behavior has no borders for the American giant.

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