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Xbox Series might not have a Pro update at the moment

xbox series might not have a pro update at the

After having presented the new 1TB Xbox Series S, many stayed if Microsoft would at some point release a Pro version of its console. Speaking to Bloomberg, Xbox boss Phil Spencer stated that the company doesn’t think a new Xbox Series X with more powerful hardware is currently needed.

“That’s not the feedback we’re getting right now. Right now, we’re pretty much established in the hardware that we have.”


Considering the upgrade for the Xbox Series S, the new version of the console doesn’t really feature more powerful hardware than the predecessor, instead focusing on giving gamers an option for more storage, leaving out of the box with a 1TB SSD.

The new Xbox Series S was unveiled at the end of the Xbox Games Showcase that took place over the weekend, and it’s available in a new charcoal black color. The console also includes the same software features as its 512GB counterpart.

The new Xbox Series S is scheduled to hit stores around the world on September 1, and pre-orders are currently available for the console on the official website, depending on your region.


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