Xbox Series: two popular “free” games offered to subscribers in June

xbox series: two popular “free” games offered to subscribers in

Tom Henry

Xbox Series: two popular “free” games offered to subscribers in June

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In June 2023, Xbox is putting on a big show by offering Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers two games popular with gamers.

Today, there are different ways to play video games without breaking the bank. Of course, even if obtaining hardware is often expensive, getting games at a low price is possible regardless of the medium. In a few days, the Days of Play 2023 organized by Sony will be the perfect example. Steam sales or games regularly offered on the Epic Games Store also prove it. Xbox also knows how to be generous. Xbox Free Play Days are a golden opportunity for gamers to test quality titles without spending a penny. Xbox Live Gold subscribers have the privilege of getting two “free” games every month with their subscription. We now know the selection of June 2023.

Two popular games offered to Xbox Live Gold subscribers

In June, owners of Xbox Series and One subscribed to Game Pass Ultimate or Live Gold will be able to enjoy two very popular titles for free thanks to the traditional “Xbox Games with Gold”. The first of them is Goodbye, an indie game developed by Mischief. You can download it for free from 1er to June 30. In this first-person narrative adventure, you play as a Kansas farmer. The man, who engaged in illegal activities with the complicity of the mafia, decides, one day, to return to the right path. But things won’t be that simple… The software has received rather positive reviews from the press and players on Metacritic.

The other game available to Xbox Live subscribers in June 2023 is called The Vale: Shadow of the Crown. A story-driven action-RPG with the ambition to offer “immersive gameplay that literally puts the player in the skin of the character”, can we read in the official description of the game. A title that takes advantage of all the potential of 3D audio and controller haptic feedback to accommodate the visually impaired as well as the sighted. In short, an audio game that resonated with players. In 2021, the title was even nominated for the Game Awards in the category of best innovation for accessibility. The RPG puts us in the shoes of a blind character and forces us to find our bearings by sound. The game developed by Falling Squirrel can be downloaded for free from June 16 to July 15, 2023. Remember that a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also gives access to Xbox Live Gold.

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