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Xbox Series X / S continues to triumph after Christmas and already accumulates 11 million consoles sold

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The Xbox Series X / S continues to win audiences around the world. Despite fierce competition from Sony and its PlayStation 5, Microsoft’s next-generation console has sold more than 11 million do you copy since its launch. Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox Game Studios commented: “Right now we’ve sold more Xbox Series X | S than any previous version of Xbox“Good news for the brand.

Unfortunately, as with the PS5, the Xbox Series X is a victim of its own success and it is becoming increasingly difficult for gamers to get hold of it. According to Spencer, this is not due to a drop in production, quite the contrary. The shortage is due to increased demand since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“By March or April 2020, we had already sold all the consoles, which never happens. It is because there was a sudden increase in demand. Our networks became overused as more people arrived and the team worked hard to meet that. In a way, we’re still trying to do that. It’s hard to get an Xbox or a new PlayStation right now on the market. It’s not because the supply is lower, but rather the supply is higher than ever because the demand exceeds supply. “

Phil Spencer
Inventario de Xbox Series X / S

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A shortage that, however, shows the success of these next generation consoles and this Xbox Series X / S in particular. However, despite being Microsoft’s best-selling console in a short period of time, it is still far behind Xbox One, leading the ranking with around 51 million consoles sold total. The announcement of the Xbox manager comes with many others, such as the will to establish a multiplatform ban system. Therefore, the year will be full of successes and progress for Microsoft.

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Although they indicate that the problem is fixed, they ask players to update to the latest version to avoid scares.

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