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Xbox Series X | S will have its own version of Minecraft

xbox series x | s will have its own version

New version of Minecraft for Xbos Series X|S? It seems. Classification systems are often organisms thanks to which we know about games before announcing officially. Such has been the case with a version of Minecraft for Xbox Series X|S that has appeared in the German classification system.

A version of Minecraft with improvements for Series X|S


For now there is no official announcement about it, but these organizations are reliable tools to trust in the certainty of the imminent announcement. The game keeps coming up with new updates and has a huge player base, so it stands to reason that Microsoft wants to keep attracting new players for the title. More now that they have announced the closure of the Xbox 360 store and one of the versions is lost if you have not bought it before they close it.

logically we cannot specify what will be the improvements and features of this version, since it has not been officially confirmed. However, it is hoped that it can include ray tracing due to lines of code that could be seen being added by mistake in a build available to program members Xbox Insiders.


Minecraft, much more than a video game

Minecraft promo image

say minecraft is one of the most relevant video games in history is to fall short. The title has transcended many media, coming to be used to restore churches, although it has also been a tool to leak documents illegally.

More than ten years after its original premiere, Minecraft its T available on almost all platforms of current games, from the previous generation and we suspect that it will continue to reach the next platforms. Not in vain, its possibilities when it comes to creating and sharing content make it a very interesting title for the community, both for creators and for those who just want to enjoy a quality and fun video.


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