Xbox ‘would like’ to find a solution to the disappearance of 220 Xbox 360 games

xbox 'would like' to find a solution to the disappearance

Tom Henry

Xbox ‘would like’ to find a solution to the disappearance of 220 Xbox 360 games

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He Xbox 360 digital store closure, scheduled for July 2024, will cause the disappearance of around 220 video games. Until the closure they can be purchased in a completely normal way, and when the store is no longer available they can continue to be downloaded and played. But those who haven’t will lose access to them forever.

What does Phil Spencer think about the disappearance of Xbox 360 games?

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox and CEO of Microsoft Gaming, has spoken on the subject in an interview with Eurogamer in which he has also assured that the price of its current consoles will not drop as it has in the past. On the Xbox 360 store, Spencer has stated that he is very aware of the preservation of the video game and that he would like to find a way that those titles are not lost.

“The list of the 220 games is something that we take into account”

“There is a list of 220 games that are not backwards compatible, I have that list and I have it stapled to my foreheadHow can we make sure that [todava puedas jugarlos?]”, he said in the interview. It should be remembered that many Xbox 360 video games can be bought and played on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S thanks to the backward compatibility of these systems; however, not all games have it. In addition, many of those that are not compatible did not receive updated versions to later Xbox consoles (this is the case with Fezfor example), so they would no longer be available in the ecosystem gaming from Microsoft.

The head of Xbox has not specified any possible solution to solve the loss of these video games, although he has assured that they take the situation seriously: “Preservation is central when making all these decisions (…) know that the 220 games list is something we keep in mind and we would like to find solutions to keep those games playing.”

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