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XDefiant will have open beta before its release this summer

xdefiant will have open beta before its release this summer

XDefiant, one of the most anticipated PvP shooters of the year, is set to launch this summer. Players who want to test the game before its release will be able to do so during an open beta session between June 21 and 23.

Ubisoft has taken into account the feedback received after the closed beta and has implemented improvements and weapon balance updates. Creative Director Safy Saada has said that adjustments will be made to the open beta, especially faction balancing, based on player feedback and data collected from the closed beta.


The goal of the XDefiant open beta session is to test the game servers with a large number of players and validate the improvements made, including new network technology and game responsiveness improvements. Ubisoft hopes to ensure that the servers are stable before the game launches and will adjust the final product as necessary.

The launch of XDefiant will feature a six-week pre-season with all launch content available. The game will receive regular content updates during its first year, including new factions, weapons, and maps. A specific release date has not yet been announced.