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Xiaomi MS11, this will be the electric car that seeks to compete with Tesla

Just a few days ago we were able to see the long-awaited Xiaomi electric car, named Modena and covered with black cloth so as not to observe its appearance. 3D renders showing what it would look like were also leaked, but all that is a thing of the past. And it is that now, we already have photos that show the desEsports Extrasof this carwhich is called xiaomi ms11 and with this, we can unveil the mystery who has been with us for months.

The Xiaomi Car or that is what we called it during all this time, it has gone very little by little and although the company established xiaomi car For more than a year now, its development has progressed with considerable secrecy. In fact, the first time we were able to see a filtered photograph was when they decided to take the prototypes out on the streets to driving tests. We could also see that they were even taken to Inner Mongolia for snow tests.

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Xiaomi’s electric car is called MS11 and this is its final design

When we saw the photos of the Xiaomi Modena a few days ago, users began to inquire about what the final appearance of the car would be like. On the one hand, we had the vehicle itself only covered by some cloth, so we could imagine what it would be like. Although on the other hand, there were those renders that, after all, did not seem to coincide entirely with the desEsports Extrasof the vehicle. But now it is reported that the 3d modeling that we saw was really a initial prototype and that the final desEsports Extrasof the vehicle would not be the same.

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But now we can ignore all this, because photos of what will be the final desEsports Extrasof Xiaomi’s car, with the name MS11, have been leaked. As we can see in the photographs, we have a 4-door coupe saloon with a sporty design and that is quite attractive. In addition to the outward appearance, this one is equipped with a glass roofheadlights that remind us of those of McLaren and a LiDAR sensor in the front part.


The Xiaomi vehicle will have a starting price of 13,500 euros

Regarding its launch date, it is estimated that the Xiaomi MS11 would reach the market at the earliest during the first quarter of 2024. Although it is most likely that we will see it during the first semester or even after this. The car we see called as Xiaomi MS11, probably use the name of Modena at the time of marketing. Now, there is nothing official about its price and by using a LiDAR sensor we expected it to be really expensive.

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Well, let’s remember that it will not only be an electric car, but Xiaomi wants to get involved in the autonomous driving in order to be a direct competition of Tesla. Now, all this ends with an estimate of the price of the vehicle, although this must be taken with a grain of salt, since it is not official.

We would talk about a price for the Xiaomi MS11 that would start at about 100,000 yuan, which translates into €13,500. Seen this way, it seems that it will be cheap and in the line of Xiaomi products, but rumors indicate that this price could increase to 300,000 yuan, that is, 41,000 eurosdepending on the technologies and extras chosen.


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