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YamatoCannon on Maokai: Is it really broken?

For a few versions We have seen how Maokai has been crowned the jungle par excellence. Either in competitive or in Only Qhave Maokai on your team It’s practically an indication of victory. His ability to regenerate and the CC he has allows him to enter combat like no other champion. If we add to that those buds that allow you to take control of areas like the dragon pit or the pit of the Nashorwe are facing a perfect champion.

The problem is that many wonder if the champion is really broken. Well, this is what Jakob Mebdi spoke about «YamatoCannon«, content creator for Liiv SANDBOX and former coach of fnatic. Last Monday, just before the confrontation between excel Y AstralisLaure Valée asked YamatoCannon if the champion is really broken or players don’t know how to fight it.


YamatoCannon gives his verdict on Maokai in the jungle

«Well, the first thing I want to talk about is Maokai. Are you op or not? Razork told me that this champion is very broken… Do you agree?«. With this question, Laure wanted to get the final verdict from a respected person in the competitive circuit such as YamatoCannon. And the one who was the coach of Fnatic has a very clear opinion about it.

«It is very broken. Above it is very easy to play. What’s more, when you listen to the comms, many say that they are going to play around Maokai’s saplings, they are clear that the game is practically won. Besides, it has a very simple construction and pathing, just play around the saplings and you’ll do insane damageYamato Cannon stated.

This is demonstrated by the champion’s win percentages in both Only Q as in competitive. In ranked queues, Maokai is around 54% of win rate in all rankswhile in competitions like the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) has a 97% presence and a 67% winning percentage.


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