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Yamcha’s most famous scene in Dragon Ball Z is a copy of another Goku moment

Everything seems to indicate that the best known scene of this character is a copy.

The Dragon Ball universe has had countless epic momentslike not so memorable scenes that many would prefer not to remember.

How is the case of the scene Yamucha’s most famousthe earthling friend of Goku, who together with Krillin, have accompanied the Saiyan on his journey since he was a child.

Yamcha is mainly known for always die in most fights that have occurred on earth. The funny thing about this is that always usually perish with the same poseBeing the Distinctive feature of his most famous scenes.

However, everything seems to indicate that the most famous scene that Yamcha has hadis a copy of another goku moment in the series. Next, we tell you the details.

What other Goku moment has Yamcha’s famous scene been copied from?

Yamcha's famous scene has been copied from another Dragon Ball moment

Yamcha’s famous scene has been copied from another Dragon Ball moment

Yamcha’s involvement has gone decreasing substantially in the seriesdue to the villains power up that have been added to the work. It is for this, that the rarely Whenever this earthling shows up, he usually ends up in big trouble.

Yamcha has starred in one of the most comical and famous scenes of the Dragon Ball franchisebecoming his Distinctive feature throughout the series.

However, apparently the scene Yamucha’s most famouswhere lies dead in a crater because of an explosion of a Saibaman, was copied from a previous event What did it have to do with Goku?

To know what event is being talked about, you must reminisce the chapter #183 of the Dragon Ball mangain which Goku is fighting in the world martial arts tournament, against the piccolo reincarnationwho has joined this event with the sole intention of kill the Saiyan publicly and take over the world.

Piccolo has underrated goku, believing that he would defeat him in the blink of an eye. However, it was not like that, since the Saiyan spent several years training with Kami-sama to increase his powers.

During the fight Piccolo was lifted into the air, Goku quickly jumps up to go after him, but is surprised by a flurry of deadly attacks causing huge explosions by the namekian, immediately falling to the center of the arena and creating a huge craterdue to the great impact of this when falling.

Yamcha's crater scene has copied this moment from Dragon Ball, in which Goku was fighting Piccolo

Yamcha’s crater scene has copied this moment from Dragon Ball, in which Goku was fighting Piccolo

This moment it happened long beforeof the Yamucha’s famous death because of the fight with the Saibaman. Therefore, the popular scene of this earthling is nothing more than a copy of another moment of the series.

Why has Yamcha stopped participating in the fights?

Yamcha has moved away from the battles and has dedicated himself to sports, more than all of Baseball

Yamcha has moved away from the battles and has dedicated himself to sports, more than all of Baseball

The overwhelming increase in power that the villains of Dragon Ball have had, has made Yamcha officially withdraw from battlessince he is clear that his fighting level does not resemble to that of these new antagonists.

Although Yamcha has accompanied Goku since his childhood, and has even fought alongside him, is no longer in a position to keep up with the escalation of power that the characters of this franchise have had, even since the Majin Bu saga, this earthling already had moved away from the world of fights.

Yamcha, in his retirement, has engaged in other activitiesone of them is the baseballsince this character has shown in some episodes to be a great athlete and have a lot of knowledge about this particular game.

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