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Yay talks about the difference in training in Europe and NA in Valorant

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After the end of VCT Masters Copenhagenthe participating players have already returned to their places of origin to rest or prepare for the Last Chance Qualifier ahead of the World Cup. One of the teams that, on the other hand, is already classified for the biggest tournament of the year is OpTic Gaming. With Jacob Whiteaker «yay» at the head, the team has been proclaimed champion of the Iceland Masters this year and third in Denmark.

The 23-year-old himself was speaking on his stream on FPX victory and the current level of Europe in Valorant. In addition, he praised the current champions for the level shown throughout the tournament.

Yay “The internships in Europe are infinitely better than in NA”

The American player knows first-hand what it is like to train against European teams, as he has done so on both occasions that he has come to play international tournaments. Yay himself sentenced in front of his streaming «The practice in Europe is infinitely better than in North America«.


Although in North America they have a large number of teams, the format is totally different from Europe, since there is only one strong competition and the rest are tournaments of a much lower level. In contrast, in Europe there is not only the highest competition in EMEA, but also in the regional leagues there are teams perfectly capable of beating anyone. This is how he described it himself: «There are really good teams even at the second level. Some teams are the best in Europe, the best in the region or in their country and they are still very good«.

We will have to wait to see if Yay and his team return to Europe for the next tournaments after the World Cup to be held in Turkey.

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