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Yes! In Zelda TotK you can even ‘cook pizza’ in your pot, but first you have to do something

yes! in zelda totk you can even 'cook pizza' in

The pizza fills up your hearts.

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom not only craft enthusiasts but also hobby cooks can let off steam. There are a variety of ingredients that Link can cook into a delicious dish in the casserole.

A particularly popular dish that Link can also prepare is pizza. But in order to be able to cook the delicious meal, a certain quest must first be completed and the right ingredients collected. We tell you what you need to prepare the pizza.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: One Hyrule Pizza to Go, Please!

To make the Hyrule Pizza, Link only needs three ingredients. The items are pretty easy to get if you’ve already completed a certain quest. Link must throw the following items into the cooking pot to receive the pizza:

  • Hyrule tomato
  • Tabanta wheat
  • Hateno cheese

The tomatoes are growing all over Hyrule. The wheat can be obtained in the Tabanta region by cutting tall grass with a sword or other sharp object. You can also buy both in grocery stores. However, the cheese is a bit harder to come by.

More delicious recipes are available on GamePro:

This is how you solve the associated quest

For the cheese, you must have completed the side quest from Farmer Koyin. She stands on the pier next to the pond, which is right by the farmhouse in Hateno. There she explains that she lost her grandfather’s letter on the lake and can’t get it there anymore.

How do I solve the quest? To get to the middle of the pond, you can make a raft out of tree trunks and use it to maneuver the message in a bottle to the edge of the pond. Place the message in a bottle next to Koyin with the Ultrahand and she will automatically receive her grandfather’s message.


She then goes to the farmhouse to make Hateno cheese. From now on you can buy Hateno cheese from her and other shops, with which you can make the delicious pizza. Alternatively, you can swap milk for cheese to save some Rupees.

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What is the effect of the pizza? The pizza heals many of Link’s hearts, but unfortunately has no other special effect. If you spice up the pizza with additional ingredients, the pizza will heal even more hearts.


To make the pizza, all you have to do is throw the ingredients into the saucepan. Link doesn’t need a special pizza oven to make the dish. He is a true all-rounder!

What delicious recipes have you already discovered?