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Elden Ring

You can also fight the tough Elden Ring bosses in a board game in the future

You can also fight the sinister Margit on the table in the future.

Do you want to transport the epic battles you fought in the intermediate land to your living room table at home? Then there is good news: Elden Ring is to get its own board game. As with other analogue conversions of video games, the title gets a Kickstarter campaign.


Elden Ring on the living room table

It’s all about this: The action RPG adaptation is being implemented in a collaboration between Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco and Steamforged Games. The latter are also no strangers, but have already been on board with a Dark Souls board game and other adaptations such as Resident Evil.

In the Elden Ring board game, you can embark on your Between Lands adventure either alone or with three friends. As the Steamforged website reveals, as you play you’ll not only roam familiar locations, you’ll also meet characters and enemies from FromSoftware’s open world epic.

Just like in video games, the focus should be on demanding battles and you will fight them in a system without any dice. Steamforged has not yet explained exactly how this works, but on the website we read that players must “proceed strategically and adjust their plans with each encounter”. On the page we also already see a picture of a Margit character. The boss should have remained in good memory for some of you from the game.


This first picture of a Margit character has already been published. (Image source:

You can find out more about Elden Ring here:

How you can support the project: If you’re already shouting: “Great, how can I be part of it?”, the answer is: not at the moment, but soon via Kickstarter. The campaEsports Extrashasn’t started yet, but you can be notified via the official site once it goes live. Then we will certainly get more details about the gameplay and more pictures.


How does this initial information sound to you? Are you considering supporting the campaign?