You can now create your craziest Saints Row characters with the Boss Factory demo, now available

Since Saints Row was announced, the reboot of the series that will take place in the new city of Santo Ileso, one of the aspects that has been most emphasized is its very complete character editor, something that we also touched on in our latest impressions .

Well, it’s available now. Saints Row Boss Factory Demo in all digital stores where the game will be released (PS Store, Xbox and Epic Games), as well as from the game’s website.

Is Demo Boss Factory allows you to customize your boss at will. You can choose between 8 predefined body types, and launch to edit them as you please, being able to modify everything, from the type of body and how marked we have the veins to the marks on the skin.

For the first time in the Saints Row series, asymmetric face customization has been included, so you can unleash your creativity… and desEsports Extrastrue grotesques that will make you laugh at Sloth loves Gordi.


Saints Row – new reboot gameplay

Of course, clothes (including underwear), accessories, gestures, voice, hairstyle, makeup, shoes… everything can be configured with numerous parameters and settings. Even the emotes or gestures that we can perform.

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Of course, cosmetic content that will be unlocked throughout history is not available for obvious reasons, as well as clothes that we can buy in stores.

It even has some pretty nice options, like being able to activate a “modesty” filter, which will cover the nipples, pixelate the private parts and we can cover them with all kinds of stickers, from suggestive fruit to lips. Shame, but not too much…

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We can save these aberrations, and send them to the final game when it launches on August 23 on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The demo also allows you to share the creations with the rest of the players, as well as download those of other players thanks to a code system.

In doing so, by sharing your character from Boss Factory demo With the community, you will get two special DJ helmets for free to use in Saints Row when it is available.

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An interesting preview that will serve to get us in tune for the new adventure in Santo Ileso, the fictional city set in the American Southwest, which will be plagued by crime, where factions fight for power and some young people start their own criminal business towards the top of success.

Saints Row Boss Factory Demo

A huge sandbox, full of criminal businesses to open, spectacular missions to complete and dozens of novelties to discover, such as new shooting mechanics on board cars, which will allow us to “surf” on the roof while another character drives, for example.

All with the usual level of madness, embodied in details such as a glide suit that will allow us to jump over the heads of pedestrians to recover height or options such as special attacks and techniques that will allow us, for example, to attach a grenade to a thug of a rival gang and launch it against a group of enemies.

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If nothing goes wrong Saints Row will arrive on August 23 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and One and PCexclusively in the Epic Games store, and you can now download this demo for free in the digital store of any of these platforms.

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