You can now download the demo of Final Fantasy XVI on PS5

you can now download the demo of final fantasy xvi

Tom Henry

You can now download the demo of Final Fantasy XVI on PS5

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Announcements, leaks, and the fact that Final Fantasy XVI is only ten days away from release have indicated that the game’s promised PlayStation 5 demo was imminent. It turns out that Square Enix and Sony just wanted to enjoy the weekend first.

Because the two companies have announced that the Final Fantasy XVI demo will be available on the PlayStation Store starting at 10:00 today. This will allow us to play approximately two and a half hours of the initial prologue of the game, and our saved game can be transferred to the final game. And that’s not all.

If we complete it, we will have access to a second special battle demo in which Clive, Cid and our beloved wolf Torgal infiltrate a fortress to fight against a series of enemies and bosses that will show us the possibilities we will have later on. It will also take about two hours to complete it, but we can replay it as many times as we want.

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