You can now download two new games for free in the Epic Games Store and discover next week’s classic

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you can now download two new games for free in

Epic Games Store carry giving us for a very long time one or more new video games every Thursday and today was not going to be less, since From 5:00 p.m. USApeninsular time, two new titles are available that you can take home without paying a single euro. and that you can redeem until October 19.

The first of them is Blazing Sailsa pirate battle royale in which we can create our own outlaw and his ship, assemble a boat and face other players or live a pirate life through different game modes, having a lot of customization options and wanting to give a twist to the genre. .

The second of these titles is QUBE Ultimate Bundlea collection of puzzle games that will challenge us with a series of puzzles based on cubes that will test our brain, having to manipulate a lot of cubes and physics of all kinds to overcome all its levels.

A horror classic for next week

As usual, Epic has also announced the game they will be giving away next week opting for a horror classic such as The Evil Within to warm up our engines for the Halloween festival. This game will be available free from October 16 to 26.

How to get these free PC games on the Epic Games Store?

To get the free games from the Epic Games Store only requires us to have a user account on the platform, and if we don’t have it we can always create a new one. We do not need a subscription or a payment account, simply access the store and purchase these games for an amount of zero euros. This is the step by step process:

  • Log in or register on the Epic Games Store.
  • Access the Blazing Sails or QUBE Ultimate Bundle page.
  • Click on ‘Obtain’ and the window opens ‘Finish purchase’.
  • Agree to share your address email with the game publisher.
  • Click on ‘Make an order’ and then in ‘I agree’.
  • Ready, you already have the new free games of the week on the Epic Games Store.

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