You can now pre-load Overwatch 2 on PC if you pre-ordered the Observatory Pack

Tom Henry

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In just a few days the players of Overwatch they will live a radical change with the Blizzard shooter since the first installment ceased to exist to be replaced by Overwatch 2the new hero shooter from Activision Blizzard that this time bet on a format free to play.

As we say the second part of the game coming to PC and consoles on October 4 replacing the original but, a few days before its release, Blizzard is already leaving pre-download it (not play it) to all those who have pre-ordered the Observatory Pack of Overwatch 2 so that they don’t lose a single bit when the servers open and they can directly enter and start playing the shooting title.

The Observatory Pack that gives access to this early preload costs 39.99 and includes two legendary hero skins (Soldier: 76 Space Raider and Cassidy Space Raider), a exclusive icon of player, the Legendary Edition of the first Overwatch with 5 peak and 5 legendary skins for the first heroes of the game and a total of 2,000 Overwatch Coinsa virtual currency that allows us to buy cosmetic items or unlock battle pass levels.

Tomorrow the servers of the first Overwatch will close

While the owners of the first paid DLC for Overwatch 2 start downloading the game, current Overwatch players will see Blizzard’s shooter close its doors tomorrow, October 2, at which time it will be released. they will close the servers to do the migrations and prepare everything for the arrival of Overwatch 2.

Remember that all the skins and content that you have unlocked in this installment of Overwatch will be preserved in the second part which will also offer some classic modes for those who want to continue with the usual playable formula of this installment released in 2016.

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